Selkirk Mental Health Centre
Keeping Our History Alive!
Lorna   Weiss   retired   at   the   end   of   March,   2012   having   spent   30 years   working   as   a   Library   Technician   at   the   Selkirk   Mental   Health Centre. Lorna   was   born   and   raised   in   Selkirk   and   after   high   school   she moved   to   Winnipeg.      After   a   few   years   working   in   the   city   she attended    Red    River    College    and    graduated    with    a    Diploma    in Library    Technology.        Thus    began    her    career    as    a    Library Technician.      While   fresh   from   graduating   she   was   hired   by   the   Flin Flon    School    Division    to    worked    at    the    Ruth    Betts    School    for children   ranging   with   ages   from   kindergarten   to   grade   9.      Lorna originally   planned   to   stay   one   year   but   said   that   the   people   were   so friendly she stayed for three. When   she   returned   to   Selkirk   she   heard   that   the   Selkirk   Mental   Health   Centre was   hiring   and   immediately   applied.      She   was   hired   to   work   in   the   School   of Psychiatric   Nursing’s   library   and   remained   at   the   Centre’s   library   for   30   years saying   that   she   has   had   a   wonderful   adventure.      From   the   inception   of   the SMHC     Archive     Committee,     Lorna     has     served     most     diligently     as     its Chairperson. Lorna   says   that   she   came   to   SMHC   with   basic   beliefs   and   the   Centre   had helped   her   to   become   the   person   she   is   today      She   hopes   to   be   able   to   give back   as   much   as   she   has   received   from   the   Centre   and   use   her   skills   to   help where needed. On   the   home   front,   Lorna   loves   to   read,   scrapbook   and   collect   butterfly   items.     She   already   has   a   book   list   to   read   and   also   looks   forward   to   trying   out   new recipes.        She    loves    to    walk    and    greatly    enjoys    playing    with    her    Bichon Havenese Poodle called “Jewel”. Lorna   expresses   her   gratitude   to   all   the   people   she   has   met   over   her   thirty years and is grateful to them for being a part of her life. Best wishes Lorna for a very long and happy  and fulfill ing retirement!