Selkirk Mental Health Centre
Keeping Our History Alive!
Gerald   Pronyk,   graduated   from   Selkirk   Mental   Health   Centre   (SMHC)   in 1964.    He    went    on    to    obtain    his    nursing    degree    from    the    University    of Saskatchewan.   In   1968,   Gerald   returned   to   SMHC   where   he   worked   as   the Education Director of the School of Psychiatric Nursing until 1972, and as the Senior Nursing Administrative Officer from 1972 until 1991. Gerald    was    a    major    proponent    for    professionalizing    psychiatric    nursing education.   He   worked   to   transform   a   three   year   service   orientated   psychiatric nursing   program   into   a   rigorous   two   year   degree   program   with   the   University of   Winnipeg.   Further   consolidation   of   three   diploma   programs   in   the   late   80’s and    early    90’s    led    to    the    Baccalaureate    Program    in    Psychiatric    Nursing    at Brandon University. Gerald   also   played   an   active   role   in   enhancing   facility-based   standards   for   mental health    care    across    Canada    through    twenty    five    years    of    participation    in    the Canadian   Council   on   Health   Services   Accreditation.   This   involved   pioneering work   in   developing   minimum   standards   and   key   competencies   for   care   facilities in   mental   health,   long   term   care,   acute   care,   ambulatory   care,   community   mental health, forensic services, prisons, addictions and other special care facilities. Between    1991    and    2005    he    worked    to    strengthen    provincial    mental    health services   with   the   Manitoba   Health   Department.   Major   areas   of   focus   included   the provision   of   high   quality   mental   health   services   as   close   to   a   person’s   residence as   possible;   the   construction   and   implementation   of   acute   care   mental   health facilities   and   programs   in   each   of   Brandon,   Dauphin,   The   Pas,   Portage   La   Prairie and    Thompson;    implementing    new    Forensic    Services    at    SMHC,    and;    in partnership    with    Justice,    Family    Services,    Correction    Service    Canada    and Canadian   Mental   Health   Association,   developing   case   management   programs   for high risk individuals in the community. Gerald   is   currently   retired   in   Winnipeg,   and   remains   active   on   the   Boards   of   St Joseph’s   Residence,   Rossbrook   House,   the   Catholic   Foundation   of   Manitoba, and   the   Knights   of   Columbus.   He   and   his   wife   Lydia   have   also   become   fervent travellers with recent trips to Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.
Gerald Pronyk, MBA, BScN, RN, RPN