Annette   Osted,   an   alumna   from   SMHC   in   1967,      retired   from   her   position as     Executive     Director     of     the     College     of     Registered Psychiatric   Nurses   of   Manitoba;   a   position   she   held   for   over 35   years.      Annette   was   the   first   Executive   Director   appointed by   what   was   then   called   the   Registered   Psychiatric   Nurses Association. Annette   has   been   a   tireless   contributor   to   the   profession   of psychiatric   nursing   and   has   lead   the   development   and   growth of   the   profession   at   local,   provincial   and   international   levels.     Annette   became   a   recognized   voice   for   psychiatric   nursing   in   Canada   and frequently   her   adept   ability   to   navigate   and   negotiate   the   complex   Government   committee structures with her usual skill, knowledge and competence. Annette   played   an   invaluable   role   for   leading   the   College   not   only   for   future   developments   but also   to   ensure   the   enhancement   of   psychiatric   nursing   by   advocating   for   the   establishment   of the   Bachelor   of   Science   in   Mental   Health   1986,   the   Bachelor   of   Science   in   Psychiatric   Nursing 1995   and   the   Master’s   Degree   in   Psychiatric   Nursing   that   commenced   in   January   2011   at Brandon university. In   2004,   Annette   was   the   first   Manitoba   recipient   of   the   Registered   Psychiatric   of   Canada   award for professional leadership. Annette    has    stipulated    that    the    practice    of    delivering    psychiatric    nursing    care    involves    a capacity   not   only   to   participate   actively   in   care   provisions   but   also   to   accept   responsibility   for the   effective   and   efficient   management   of   that   care,   practised   within   a   safe   environment.      A   key role   was   her   assisting   and   guiding   the   College   to   set   practice   and   competency   standards   for entry to the register and, therefore, for entry into employment into Manitoba’s health care. Now   retired,   she   is   still   actively   involved   as   a   Board   Director   with   Age   and   Opportunity   for Manitoba   and   is   also   a   Director   on   the   Board   for   the   Manitoba   Schizophrenia   Society.      Annette plans   to   continue   her   activities   with   the   various      non-profit   organizations   as   well   as   fulfilling   her wish to travel. In   June   2012,   Annette   was   awarded   a   Doctorate   of   Laws   Degree   Honoris   Causa   by   Brandon University for her contributions to psychiatric nursing.
Annette Thorimbert Osted, RPN, DSc(hc)
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