Selkirk Mental Health Centre
Keeping Our History Alive!
John      immigrated   to   Canada   from   England   where   he   had   qualified   as   a SRN    and    RMN    and    began    working    at    the    Selkirk    Mental    Health Centre‚Äôs School of Psychiatric Nursing in 1957. In   1958   he   moved   to   Winnipeg   to   work   as   a   nursing   Instructor   (Mental Health) at the Misericordia Hospital School of Nursing. In   1962   John   moved   to   Saskatoon   to   study   for   his   Diploma   in   Nurse Teaching   and   in   1963   returned   to   the   School   of   Psychiatric   Nursing   at Selkirk.   He   taught   anatomy   and   physiology   to   the   first   year   students   in 1963   as   well   as   psychiatric   nursing   and   was   the   appointed   Instructor   in psychiatric   nursing   for   general   nursing   students   affiliated   to   the   Centre from the St Boniface Hospital School of Nursing. John    was    very    active    in    the    formation    of    the    former    Registered    Psychiatric Nurses   Association    of    Manitoba,    now    the    College    of    Registered    Psychiatric Nurses   Manitoba,   and   served   as   the   second   President   of   the   Association   from 1966 to 1971. He   also   served   as   the   Chair   of   the   Psychiatric   Nursing   Education   Committee   of Canada   and   in   1981   John   was   awarded   a   lifetime   membership   to   the   Registered Psychiatric   Nurses   Association   of   Manitoba.   Not   only   was   John   the   founding board   member   of   Tudor   House   Personal   Care   Home   on   which   he   stamped   his philosophy   for   personal   care   he   also   served   from   1989   to   1991   as   a   member   of the   Board   of   Trustees   for   the   Selkirk   and   District   General   Hospital.   John   died   in September   2005   and   much   of   his   nursing   legacy   still   exists.   Psychiatric   nursing today   is   enriched   by   his   perspicacity   and   tenacity   for   raising   the   professional status and independence of psychiatric nursing education.
John Martyniw, RMN, SRN