Alice Ann Inniss, nee Maryniewicz, is a SMHC Alumna of 1965. Alice also graduated from the Miisericordia School of Nursing in 1974.  In 1984, she obtained a Certificate in Infection Control in Health Care from the University of Manitoba and a Certificate in Adult Education from Red River College in 1986. As    a    member    of    the    Workplace    Health    and    Safety    Committee,    Alice participated   in   the   development   of   practices   that   enhanced   the   health   and safety   of   staff   and   patients.      She   participated   in   the   annual   fire   safety   officer inspections   and   on   a   daily   basis   followed   up   on   reported   injuries   and   incidents to determine ways to prevent their reoccurrence. Alice   retired   in   2002   and   currently   resides   in   Selkirk   with   her   husband   Ken, also   a   RPN   Alumnus   1963   from   SMHC.      Alice   became   a   licensed   lay   reader   in the   Anglican   Church   in   1985   and   continues   to   be   actively   involved   with   her church in this role as well as being a member of various committees. Alice   and   Ken   are   proud   grandparents   of   two   and   enjoy   spending   time   with their grandchildren who live in British Columbia. Alice   began   her   nursing   career   on   the   ward   for   the   elderly   with   mental   illness and attained in 1970 the position of Head Nurse. From   1971   to   1980,   Alice   taught   in   the   SMHC   School   of   Psychiatric   Nursing   teaching   basic nursing    skills    to    first    year    students    and    assisting    the    medical    /    surgical    instructors    in    the classroom   and   clinical   areas.      During   this   time   she   took   on   the   responsibilities   ff   Health   Nurse   for all the student nurses. In   1980,   Alice   assumed   the   first   full   time   position   of   Staff   Health   and   Infection   Control   for   the Selkirk   Mental   Health   Centre.      As   a   member   of   the   multi-disciplinary   infection   control   committee, she   played   a   major   role   in   developing   infection   control   procedures   and   practices   for   the   Centre with the aim to reduce the spread of infection. These    practices    were    incorporated    into    the    in-service    education    program    that    was    offered annually   to   all   staff.      Alice   was   a   resource   to   all   disciplines   in   establishing   and   implementing infection   control   practices   as   a   level   acceptable   to   the   Canadian   Council   on   Health   Services Accreditation. Alice   was   available   to   employees   for   personal   counselling   and   as   a   resource   for   referrals   to other health care professionals and employee assistance programs.
Alice Inniss, RPN, RN
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