Dianne   Richards   entered   into   nurse   training   in   1965   and graduated    in    1968.        Dianne    met    her    future    husband Alphonse   Gaborieau   at   SMHC   while   there   were   students together. Dianne    continued    her    nursing    education    by    completing her   general   training   at   Red   River   College   in   Winnipeg   for her   RN   and   went   on   to   complete   a Bachelor       of       Arts       degree       in Psychology     at     the     University     of Winnipeg.  She   returned   to   SMHC   to   work   as   a clinical    nursing    instructor    within    the school   of   psychiatric   nursing   and   in 1989   was   appointed   Director   of   Psychiatric   Nursing   Education. This    was    a    turbulent    time    for    the    school    as    the    Provincial Government of Manitoba declared the closure of the psychiatric nursing programme at SMHC so that the future preparation and education    of    psychiatric    nurses    could    take    place    within    a university   environment.      Dianne   continued   as   Director   until   the programme closed and the last class graduated in 1992.
Student Nurse 1965 - 1968
Dianne L Gaborieau, nee Richards, RPN, RN, BA(psych) Director of Psychiatric Nursing Education - SMHC